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Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters & Customer Service Info

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Verizon is one of the leading communication technology in the world offering security solutions, information technology, and telecommunications. Founded in 1983, Verizon is headquartered in Basking Ridge, NJ 07920-1097 United States. The services are provided by Verizon mobile and phone services, fiber optic internet, T.V. services, and more.

The headquarters corporate office numbers are available here. You can contact the Verizon headquarters for assistance. We have also provided log-in guidelines using which you can access the live chat features and contact us form.

Verizon Company Headquarters Location and Customer Service

How to Login To your Verizon Account

Step 1– Go to the homepage of Verizon and look for the Sign In section at the top left of the page.

Step 2– Enter your User ID in the blank space and click “Sign In”. Check the “Remember me” button if you wish the browser to remember your account.

Step 3– Enter your Password in the blank space and finally press “Submit”.

Forgot User ID

Step 1– Click on the “Forgot User ID” link located at the bottom of the Sign-in section. (For direct access to the Forgot ID page, click here Link).

Step 2– Enter your Email Address or MTN and Zip Code to recover your ID.

Forgot Password

Step 1– To reset your password click on the “Forgot Password” link found at the bottom of the sign-in section. (For direct access to the password reset page, use this Link).

Step 2– Provide your User ID and Zip Code to recover the password.

Verizon Headquarters Phone Number

Verizon Company Headquarters

The customer service team is available Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (EST)

212-395-1000 or fax 1-212-517-1897

Verizon Headquarter Team

  • Lowell McAdam – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • John Stratton – Executive Vice President and Global Enterprise President
  • Roy Chestnutt – Executive Vice President
  • Nancy Clark – Senior Vice President
  • Roger Gurnani – Executive Vice President
  • Matthew Ellis – Senior Vice President
  • Daniel Mead – Executive Vice President
  • William Horton Jr. – Senior Vice President
  • Anthony Melone – Executive Vice President
  • Shane Sanders – Senior Vice President
  • Randal Milch – Executive Vice President
  • Anthony Skiadas – Senior Vice President
  • W.R. Mudge – Consumer Markets President
  • Michael Stefanski – Senior Vice President
  • Marc Reed – Executive Vice President and CAO
  • Rose Stuckey Kirk – Verizon Foundation President and Vice President
  • Marni Walden – Executive Vice President
  • Francis Shammo – Executive Vice President and CFO

Board of Directors

  • Lowell C. McAdam, Chairman
  • Shellye L. Archambeau
  • Richard L. Carrion
  • Melanie L. Healey
  • Mark T. Bertolini
  • Frances Keeth
  • Karl-Ludwig Kley
  • Clarence Otis, Jr.
  • Rodney E. Slater
  • Donald T. Nicolaisen
  • Kathryn A. Tesija
  • Gregory G. Weaver
  • Gregory D. Wasson
Verizon Customer Service Contact Details