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Domino’s Corporate Office Headquarters & Customer Service Info

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Dominos is a leading restaurant offering a wide range of food products that includes pizza, sandwiches and more.  The American Pizza restaurant is headquartered in Domino Farms Office Park. Dominos was founded by Tom Monaghan and J.Patrick Doyle. At Dominos you can find fun and innovative corporate team members who are made to provide the best services. Customers can now order food through their Android or iOS powered mobile device or order through a web browser.

If you have experienced trouble at a Dominos restaurant or have a problem with a Dominos food product you must feel free to contact the customer service department. At company headquarters.org we have provided a detailed customer service phone numbers and Dominos Corporate Office Headquarters Numbers. Read on to find customer service and headquarter phone numbers.

Dominos company headquarter location and customer service

Domino’s Pizza Headquarters Phone Number

Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)

Domino’s Pizza Corporate Office Address

Dominos Customer Service Contact Details

Domino’s Pizza, Inc.
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


  • David A. Brandon, Chairman
  • Patrick Doyle, President & CEO
  • Eric B. Anderson, Executive Vice President (International Operations)
  • Richard E. Allison, President (Domino’s International)
  • Troy A. Ellis, Executive Vice President (Supply Chain)
  • Jeffrey D. Lawrence, Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Stanley J. Gage, Executive Vice President (Team USA)
  • Scott R. Hinshaw, Executive Vice President (Franchise Operations & Development)
  • Timothy P. McIntyre, Executive Vice President (Communications & Legislative Affairs)
  • James G. Stansik, Executive Vice President (Franchise Relations)
  • Russell J. Weiner, President for Domino’s USA
  • Kevin Vasconi, Executive Vice President & CIO
  • Judy L. Werthauser, Executive Vice President (Chief People Officer)

Board of Directors

  • David A. Brandon, Chairman
  • Patrick Doyle
  • Andrew B. Balson
  • Andy C. Ballard
  • Diana F. Cantor
  • James A. Goldman
  • Richard L. Federico
  • Gregory A. Trojan

Dominos customer-service-contact-

How to Complaint

In case you feel to directly contact the Dominos headquarter support team you may feel free to send your queries or suggestions to the following address:

Domino’s Cares
Domino’s Pizza LLC
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Customer Care Phone Numbers

Phone Number: (734) 930-3030
Fax Number: (734) 930-4346