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Groupon Corporate Office Headquarters & Customer Service Info


Groupon headquarters is located Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is a global marketplace for a trade where one can find anything. Groupon has brought a great innovation in the real time market industry with the broad array of travel destinations, local business, lively events and real time commerce. It specializes in offering local commerce, technology, e-commerce, marketing, customer marketing and social media.

Company headquarters has provided a detailed information of the Groupon headquarters corporate office address, mailing address, phone numbers and headquarter team member information.

Groupon headquarter corporate office address

Groupon Headquarter Address

600 W Chicago Suite 400 Chicago, IL 60654 United States

Headquarter Phone Numbers

The headquarter phone support team is available 24 hours a day and all seven days a week.

Customer Support Number– 1-312-676-5773

Groupon Headquarters technical support– +1 888-664-4482

Mailing Address

Groupon Headquarters 600 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60654

Email Contact

Customers can contact Group customer help desk through email using the following address:


Headquarter Team

  • Eric Lefkofsky – Chief Executive Officer
  • Jason Child – Chief Financial Officer
  • Karl Raman – Chief Operating Officer

Social Media Accounts

Find Groupon on social media accounts using the links mentioned below:

Step 1– Members of Groupon who are willing to access their account must go to the login homepage.

Step 2– Provide your Email and Password in the white boxes and click the button tagged “Sign In”.

If the credentials provided are correct you will be taken ahead to your account management homepage.

How to Contact through Email

Step 1– Users of Groupon can contact the customer support team through the email contact form found here Link.

Step 2– Once the webpage opens you will find a contact us form below. Enter the following information to complete the blank spaces:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Enter your comment in the blank spaces
  • Type in the number displayed in the box below and click the ‘Submit Comment” button
Groupon customer service contact details Groupon headquarters